Velocity Flowmeter

Velocity type flowmeters generally tend to follow a linear relationship with respect to the volume flow rate. Unlike differential pressure type flowmeters, there is no square-root relationship in these instruments. Hence, their rangeability is much better as compared to other flowmeters. Furthermore, they prove to be less sensitive to changes in viscosity when used at Reynolds numbers(Re) more than 10,000. Nearly all velocity-type flowmeter housings are outfitted with flanges or fittings. This arrangement enables them to be joined directly into pipelines. Major types of Velocity flowmeters include turbine, vortex shedding, electromagnetic, and sonic designs.
  • Mass Flowmeter

    Mass Flowmetermass flowmeter Size: DN15-DN200 End Connection: flange connection Accuracy: 0.1-0.5% Features: it can directly measure the mass flow of the fluid, with high accuracy and wide range application, low installation requirements (almost no requirements for the...

  • Gas Mass Flowmeter

    Gas Mass Flowmetergas mass flowmeter End Connection: plug in connection Accuracy: 1.0% Features: less pressure loss, high precision, wide range ratio, simple installation Uses: mainly used in steel, coking plant, chemical industry, heat, thermoelectric industries, etc.

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