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Vortex Flowmeter In The Downhole Stratified Flow Test Technology
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1, downhole stratified flow measurement technology

In the field, there are many downhole flow measuring instruments for injection well, including turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and so on, but they have their own defects in the process of using. For example, the turbine flowmeter is easy to be stuck by dirt and rust; the electromagnetic flowmeter electrode is easily contaminated by dirty oil, resulting in large measurement error. To this end, various oilfields have developed a downhole vortex flowmeter which can be used for clean water and also for sewage testing in view of most water injection wells.

Measuring principle of 1.1 vortex flowmeter

A vortex generator is designed in the fluid channel. When the fluid flows, both sides will produce regular vortices, and the flow rate is measured by measuring the frequency of the vortex. In the vortex sensor, the vortex (vortex street) frequency is proportional to the flow rate, namely: q=k*f, where f, a single vortex generation frequency Q - fluid flow K - and pipe and cylinder size related coefficients

1.2 vortex flowmeter applicable range

A street flowmeter without any moving parts, measuring M size only with the structure size of the vortex sensor, affected by the measured medium physical properties and environmental factors, especially suitable for downhole flow testing sewage reinjection well. In addition, the instrument is designed as underground storage mode, and the testing process is simple. For water injection wells, the sealing problem is the first problem to be solved in the test process due to the high injection pressure. Compared with steel wire and cable, it is not only low cost, but also easy to seal, convenient and convenient, it is the first choice of water injection well test.