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Temperature Meter Installation
- Nov 06, 2017 -

In order to make the temperature of the sensitive element of the thermometer be the same as that of the material to be measured, the following points should be paid attention to when installing the thermometer:

1. to prevent the thermometer around the surface of the radiation in the measurement of pipeline or vessel gas temperature, if the surrounding surface temperature is higher than the gas temperature, will heat radiation to the sensitive element of the thermometer, the electromagnetic flowmeter of the measured gas temperature is greater than the true temperature; on the contrary, the measured temperature is less than the true temperature of gas. In addition, when the air temperature is measured, the sun and other cold or heat meters should be protected against the radiation of the thermometer. Therefore, a radiation shield should be added to the sensitive element of the thermometer. When measuring the high temperature air flow, the anti radiation hood should be facing the airflow to increase the convection heat transfer when the radiation shield is installed at the hot end of the thermocouple thermometer. When the airflow temperature is higher than 700 degree C, the anti radiation hood with stronger radiation protection should be added. When the ultrasonic flowmeter measured medium temperature is not too high, you can also use an ordinary foil made of radiation shield windtight.

2. to prevent heat from the thermometer, in the temperature measurement, there is often a part of the heat flow through the thermometer, which will make the measurement value is low. Therefore, it is necessary to insert the thermometer as deep as possible, and do well the heat preservation. For example, when measuring the gas flow temperature in the pipeline, the thermometer should be inserted into the pipe obliquely and facing the air flow. The outside should be well insulated so as to prevent the heat dissipation of the orifice. When the pipe diameter is greater than 200 mm, the thermometer can be inserted into the pipeline vertically, and the sensitive element of the thermometer is inserted into the center of the pipeline.

3. if the surface temperature of the equipment or wall is to be measured, it is better to bury the hot end of the thermocouple on the measured surface without causing the surface to bulge.

It is not good to measure the temperature of the thermocouple directly on the measured surface. Because a lot of heat is sent out from the thermoelectric pole, the measurement result is lower than the real temperature. If a small iron plate is welded on the hot end, the small iron plate will be contacted with the surface to be measured. This method will make the measured value close to the actual value due to the increase of the contact area with the surface to be measured.