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How To Use And Install Pressure Gauge Correctly
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Correct use and installation method of pressure gauge:

1, before installation, should check the instrument type, specification, accuracy level is in line with the use of instrument requirements. Check the instrument connector thread and the installation of female thread is consistent.

2, the pressure gauge should be installed vertically, the slope is generally no more than 30 degrees, and strive to maintain the same level with the measuring point, so as to avoid the indication error.

3, after installation, in the case of no pressure, observe whether the pointer is zero or close to the plate pin, otherwise it is not suitable for use.

4, the measurement of steam pressure, the pressure gauge should be installed at the lower end of the annular tube, are used to transfer water vapor pressure, so as to avoid the high temperature steam into the spring tube, affect the precision instrument, or accidentally melt the solder, causing the appearance of leak, accident or scald.

5, the use of the valve should be slowly opened, so that the pressure slowly rise to the working position. If suddenly open the valve, such as pressure out of control, exceeding the upper limit of measurement, will cause the spring tube damaged, deformed or cause fan teeth to lose teeth and make the instrument lost function.

6, after use, should slow pressure relief, not to suddenly fall to zero pointer, so the pointer back to hit the nail on the disk check, will even interrupt pointer bending.

7, the instrument should be tested or repaired according to the requirements.

8. The instrument to be disassembled should be stored in dustproof, dry and non corrosive environment.