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How To Choose Electromagnetic Flowmeter Protection Level
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Electromagnetic flowmeter is an intelligent display instrument of instantaneous total flow, on the various parameters (such as material, protection grade, explosion-proof grade etc.) is the determination of a more complex things, such as the protection level of integrated electromagnetic flowmeter in general for IP65, so we will discuss the protection level of it.

According to the national standard GB4208-84 and the IEC standard IEC529-76, the standards for the protection grade of electrical and electrical products housings are as follows:

1, IP65: in order to prevent water spraying type, the sensor shell of electromagnetic flowmeter allows the faucet to spray water from any direction of the electromagnetic flowmeter, the water pressure is 30Kpa, the water output is 12.5L/S, the distance is 3 meters.

2, IP67: electromagnetic flowmeter sensor can be used in a short time immersed in water.

3, IP68: diving type, under pressure for long-term work in water or underground, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor and display part of the separation, to do a split type electromagnetic flowmeter, but must emphasize the protection level of the electromagnetic flowmeter requirements.

In general, the protection level should be chosen according to the actual situation, the sensor should be installed below the ground, often under the condition of flooding should choose IP68, sensors installed above the ground should choose IP65, IP67. In any case, the display area of the electromagnetic flowmeter can not use water or enter the water, otherwise it will cause damage to the electromagnetic flowmeter.