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Heat Meter Classification
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1. Mechanical heat meter

The mechanical table is divided into two kinds of single beam and multi beam. The performance of the single flow meter is that the water rotates the impeller from one direction to the single strand in the table, and the meter is a single flow meter. Lack of appearance of wear, short service life. The performance of a multi stream meter is a multi stream meter that is driven by water to rotate the impeller in several directions in the table. The relative wear of the table is small and the service life is long. Impeller is divided into two forms: screw wing type and rotor type. General small caliber DN15-DN40 household meter using rotor type. Large caliber craft table DN50-DN300 uses spiral wing type. The quality guarantee period of mechanical watches is usually 2 years.

2, ultrasonic heat meter using ultrasonic flowmeter heat meter collectively. It is used to calculate the flow velocity of fluid when the ultrasonic wave propagates in the flowing fluid, and the velocity of the fluid flow and the velocity of the reverse flow are calculated, so as to calculate the flow rate of the fluid.  There is no special requirement for the medium; the accuracy of the flow measurement is not

Influenced by parameters such as temperature, pressure and density of the fluid to be measured. Ultrasonic heat meter has two forms, one is the direct type, also known as the opposite shooting, the working principle is: ultrasonic transducer directly transmit and receive signals to determine flow. The other is the reflection type, also called convection type. The working principle is that the ultrasonic transducer determines the flow through the reflection velocity of the reflecting plate plane.

3. Electromagnetic heat meter

The general name of the heat meter using electromagnetic flowmeter. Because of the high cost and the need for additional power, there are very few heat meters that use this flowmeter. At present, some domestic heat meter manufacturers use the user's knowledge of the structure and principle of the heat meter, and introduce the general mechanical heat meter as an electromagnetic heat meter to the user. This phenomenon needs to be vigilant.

Structure division

According to the difference between the overall structure of heat meter and the design principle, the heat meter can be divided into two parts

1, integral heat meter

Of the three components of a heat meter (integrator, flow meter, temperature sensor), there are more than two parts which are inseparable in theory (not in form). For example, the mechanical heat meter in the standard movement type (non-magnetic electronic) heat meter integrator and flowmeter can not be arbitrarily interchangeable, the test can only be carried out for the overall test.

2, combined heat meter

The three parts of the heat meter can be separated, and can be replaced by each other in the same type of products, and each component can be detected separately in the verification.

3 compact heat meter

In the process of type verification or factory calibration, it can be considered as a combined heat meter, but after the calibration is completed, its components must be processed by the integral heat meter.

Function division

The heat meter can be divided into heat meter according to the use of household heat metering, and the (cold) heat meter which can be used in the air conditioning system. (cooling) heat meters and heat meters are the same in structure and principle. The main difference between the sensor signal acquisition and operation mode, that is to say, the difference between the two tables is the program software is different.

1, (cold) heat meter cold and heat metering conversion, is completed by the program software. When the water supply temperature is higher than the backwater temperature, for the heating state, the heat meter is measuring the heat supply; when the water supply temperature is lower than the backwater temperature, it is the refrigeration state, and the heat meter is automatically converted to the measurement of refrigeration capacity.

2, the temperature difference between the water supply and return water of the air conditioning system and the actual temperature difference are very small, so the parameters of the program sampling and calculation formula of the (cold) meter are larger than that of the single use heat meter.

Power division

1, Reliangbiao households: diameter DN = 40mm.

2. Industrial heat meter: caliber DN>40mm