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Electromagnetic Flowmeter Selection Principle
- Nov 06, 2017 -

When we select the electromagnetic flowmeter, it will embody some principles in the selection, which is embodied in the selection of the caliber and range of the electromagnetic flowmeter

The caliber of the electromagnetic flowmeter is usually the same as that of the pipeline system. If the pipeline system is to be designed, the caliber can be selected according to the flow range and the flow velocity. For the electromagnetic flowmeter, the flow velocity is more suitable for 2~4m/s. In special cases, such as with liquid and solid particles, taking into account the wear condition, optional commonly used velocity less than 3m/s, for easy management of fluid flow, can be used more than 2m/s. After the flow rate is determined, the caliber of the flowmeter can be determined.

The range of electromagnetic flowmeter can be selected according to two principles: one is the full scale of instrument is greater than the expected maximum flow value; two is the normal flow is greater than the instrument full range of 50%, in order to ensure a certain measurement accuracy.

Selection of temperature and pressure

The electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure the fluid pressure and temperature, and the pressure must be lower than the working pressure specified by the flowmeter. At present, the working pressure specification of domestic electromagnetic flowmeter is as follows:

Less than 50mm caliber, the working pressure is 1.6MPa;

900mm caliber, the working pressure is 1MPa;

Larger than 1000mm caliber, the working pressure is 0.6MPa.

The operating temperature of the electromagnetic flowmeter depends on the lining material used, generally 5-70 degrees centigrade. If the special treatment can exceed the above range, the sensor allows the measured medium temperature is -40-+130 degrees centigrade.

Lining material and electromagnetic flowmeter material selection

The lining material of the electromagnetic flowmeter and electrode materials must be based on the physical and chemical properties of the medium to the right choice, otherwise the instrument will due to the corrosion of the lining and the electrode and damage very quickly, and a strong corrosive medium once the leak accident is caused easily. Therefore, the electrode and lining material must be carefully chosen according to the specific measuring medium in the production process