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Electromagnetic Flowmeter Affected By The Moisture Content Of The Medium?
- Nov 06, 2017 -

According to the principle of shunt type electromagnetic flowmeter, measuring the water content in the channel rate, the liquid inlet of the spacing effect, but it will not affect the flow pattern and flow simulation of internal flow field, so the cloud two liquid inlet interval 30mm shunt apparatus.

1, low flow, shunt tube inside contains only a small amount of oil, the shunt into the shunt effect; flow rate is higher (more than 100m3/d) under the condition of the oil-water two-phase flow velocity is higher, fluid mixing to the emulsion state [4], flow in the process of accumulation of oil is not under the umbrella obviously, the shunt tube in oil content than low flow when the corresponding moisture content of oil under the condition to increase.

2, with the increase of water content at each flow point, the number of oil bubbles is less and less, and the size is smaller and smaller.

In 3, the state of laminar flow, the oil-water two-phase flow into the instrument before the oil bubble for large block; and in the turbulent state, oil bubble into the instrument before smaller, and presents the aggregation state of the shunt tube; the existence of a certain negative effects on two-phase flow, and the bottom gathering oil bubble compared, the irregular in shape in the shunt tube.

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