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Throttling differential pressure flowmeter and stress vortex flowmeter use
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Vortex flowmeter manufacturers with its simple and firm structure, convenient installation and maintenance, high precision, wide measuring range, small pressure loss, moderate price there is a certain amount of use in steam flow measurement in our company. But in our use, it is found that due to its poor seismic performance, large caliber such as DN200, DN300 pipeline flowmeter flow value instability, also limited its use.

Among all the flow measuring devices, the most commonly used ones are throttling devices, which have the longest history, and have been long standardized both nationally and internationlly. They are widely applied in industries like oil, chemical, metallurgy, power supply, light textile, scientific research, etc.. As with the characteristics like simple and secure structure, reliable performance, high accuracy, low cost, etc., throttling devices have always been chosen over other kinds of flow meters. The main kinds of throttling devices areV-cone, standard orifice, annular orifice, venturi tube, balanced flow meter, etc..  

The throttle orifice plate differential pressure flowmeter has the advantages of simple structure, firmness, easy replication and low price. The detector and differential pressure display instrument can be manufactured separately from different manufacturers, and it is easy to form specialized production. Detection, especially the standard type is common in the world, from the study of the time, the standard test piece since 1930s by the international organization for standardization to determine no change, research and production practice of its accumulated extremely rich, so its wide range of applications, and the standard type throttle differential flowmeter no actual flow calibration can be used also in the unique flowmeter.