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Intelligent remote meter how to identify good or bad
- Nov 06, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products in all walks of life, intelligent remote water meter appeared one after another, and widely used in various fields, to bring a lot of convenience to people's lives. Of course, the intelligent remote meter on the market there are many different intelligent remote meter, which is not a quality, so, for the majority of consumers, the purchase of smart meter to identify the crucial.

Intelligent remote water meter is good or bad, we can from the following aspects to identify:

1, watchcase surface smooth, no cracks trachoma phenomenon, its weight DN15 caliber water meter should be greater than 0.18KG, DN20 caliber water meter weight should be greater than 1.0KG.

2, the surface core should be made of high quality ABS757 injection molding, its surface is bright and clean. If the surface is yellow and dull, it is likely to be made of poor quality materials. In addition, the smart meter gear before the three axis should be used 1Gr18Ni9Ti made all inserts and adjustment parts, also known as the "big eight", due to the use of copper or stainless steel to make, if not by the "big eight" for the poor quality products; on top of shaft should be replaced by other materials such as agate, is Jerry products there is a filter; too thin also belongs to Jerry products.

3, copper nut and copper to copper nut over a smooth and beautiful, each DN15 of the weight of not less than 38 grams, less than 46 grams each over copper, copper nut each DN20 not less than 60 grams, 75 grams of copper over each of not less than gb.

Generally speaking, as long as the above standards are different, the intelligent remote water meter is often inferior products, need careful purchase.


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