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Electromagnetic flowmeter and other flow meter performance comparison
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Strong adaptability, wide measuring range, the straight section is not strict; as long as you can with orifice, vortex, pitot tube flowmeter in the measurement of pipeline fluid flow can be measured by electromagnetic flowmeter, and in high temperature and high pressure, impact resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistant, dust etc. electromagnetic flowmeter, far better than the commonly used flowmeter. Especially for high temperature, high pressure, impact and vibration, the applicability of vortex flowmeter is very limited. This is related to the principle of measurement. The impact of high speed fluid will cause additional vibration of the cantilever of the body; the big diameter will make the cantilever longer, smaller stiffness, poor measurement accuracy. External vibration (such as equipment and pipeline vibration at operation) will cause vortex flowmeter to produce additional measurement errors and can not work normally.  Therefore, vortex flow for high speed, large diameter, vibration object flow measurement is somewhat powerless. As for the effect of high temperature on vortex generator, the temperature resistance of semiconductor devices (such as piezoelectric crystals) embedded in the body is quite limited.  For electromagnetic flowmeter, has almost no effect on bending vibration and impact sensor work, and high temperature and high pressure for electromagnetic flowmeter for as long as the use of standard elbow pipe material and process the same as the sensor, can be easily solved.

Range wide hand refers to the range of the electromagnetic flowmeter can be as high as 10:1, for steam or other gas medium, its range is 0~7~70m/s; the liquid medium for their applicability for 0~0.5~5m/s. The velocity range mentioned above is not strictly limited, and if the measured medium has no upper limit of flow velocity, the range of flow velocity can also be increased. On the other hand, if the low differential pressure differential transmitter and the micro differential pressure transmitter are matched with enough accuracy, the lower limit of the fluid velocity can be smaller. In a word, the range of the electromagnetic flowmeter can meet the requirements of the flow measurement of different objects. On the other hand, wide measurement range refers to no limit size elbow sensor, small diameter to 10 mm, but also to a meter or more than two meters, this feature is not easy to do for the general flow sensor. The straight section is not strictly required in the field of electromagnetic flowmeter is also very important in use, many are because the scene flow measuring device can not meet the requirements of straight pipe and cannot be measured or cannot guarantee its accuracy. Electromagnetic flowmeter in practical application of the straight section of the requirements are not strict, generally only need to guarantee the first 5 (D), after 2 (D) can be, far below the requirements of other flow measurement devices.