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Common ultrasonic heat meters have what classification
- Nov 06, 2017 -

The so-called ultrasonic heat meter refers to the ultrasonic flowmeter based on the addition of temperature measurement, can accurately calculate the heat value, in people's daily life and some occasions need to play an important application. There are many kinds of ultrasonic heat meters, and their characteristics are different in different classifications.

The common ultrasonic heat meters are mainly divided into direct ultrasonic heat meter and reflection type ultrasonic heat meter two kinds:

Direct ultrasonic heat meter

Direct type ultrasonic heat meter is mainly rely on the downstream and upstream propagation of ultrasonic wave to measure the time difference of water, suitable for large diameter heat meter.


Low comprehensive cost.


1, the pressure loss is larger. Mainly refers to the application of small caliber ultrasonic heat meter, compared to the great loss of heat reflective ultrasonic gauge.

2. Easily trapped impurities. The particularity of small aperture direct ultrasonic heat meter mechanism makes it easy to keep impurities in it, which causes the pressure loss to increase and affects the normal measurement of meter.

3, low service life. Because of its own structure, there is a transducer facing the direction of water flow. Under special circumstances, the water hammer phenomenon may cause the service life of the transducer to be reduced.

Two 、 reflection type ultrasonic heat meter.

Reflection type ultrasonic heat meter is mainly rely on the downstream and upstream propagation time difference to measure the volume of water, suitable for small caliber heat meter is the main structure of the current small caliber heat meter, low pressure loss.


Low pressure loss. Reflection type ultrasonic heat meter used in small caliber ultrasonic heat meter, compared with the direct type ultrasonic heat loss small gauge.


High purchasing cost. The cost of raw materials is higher than that of direct.

It can be seen that the two different ultrasonic heat meters have different characteristics and different characteristics. In order to ensure the proper selection of ultrasonic heat meters, it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the two.