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Application of Vortex Flowmeter in Compressed Air Measurement
- Nov 06, 2017 -

First, the vortex flowmeter working principle and characteristics

Vortex flowmeter is a measure of a volume with the international advanced level of Carmen vortex flowmeter based on the principle, because it has the advantages of other flowmeter can not have both, since 1970s has been developing rapidly, according to statistics, now the proportion of Japan, Europe and other developed countries using vortex flowmeter increased greatly, has been widely used in various fields, will be predominant in the future flow meter, is the ideal substitute of orifice flowmeter.

Vortex flowmeter in the measurement pipeline set a vertical column, fluid through the column on both sides alternately produce regular vortex, this vortex is also known as the Carmen vortex street.

The flow velocity and column release frequency of the Carmen vortex and the width of the fluid, by the expression of f=Sr*v/d in F: the release frequency of a Carmen vortex; Sr sensor coefficient (known as the Castro number HA); V flow; D column width, which can be seen in the formula. The instrument coefficient S: and the column width of D under the condition of constant frequency and fluid flow rate is proportional to the Carmen vortex, therefore, through the release of the Carmen vortex frequency measurement can calculate the instantaneous flow of fluid in pipeline. The vortex release frequency of the KTLU series vortex flow sensor is based on the eddy stress acting on the sensor, which is detected by the piezoelectric element in it.