Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

Thermal mass flowmeters use the thermal properties of the fluid to measure the flow of a fluid flowing in a pipe or duct. In a typical thermal flowmeter, a measured amount of heat is applied to the heater of the sensor. Some of this heat is lost to the flowing fluid. As flow increases, more heat is lost. The amount of heat lost is sensed using temperature measurement(s) in the sensor. The transmitter uses the heat input and temperature measurements to determine fluid flow. Most thermal flowmeters are used to measure gas flows.

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The thermal gas mass flowmeter is a instrument that uses the principle of heat diffusion to measure the flow of gas. The sensor consists of two datum - stage thermal resistors (RTD). One is the speed sensor RH, one is the temperature sensor RMG to measure the temperature change of the gas. When the two RTD is placed in the measured gas, the sensor RH is heated, and the other sensor RMG is used to induce the temperature of the measured gas. As the gas flow rate increases, the air flow takes away more heat, and the temperature of the sensor RH decreases.

They feature no moving parts, nearly unobstructed straight through flow path, require no temperature or pressure corrections and retain accuracy over a wide range of flow rates. Straight pipe runs can be reduced by using dual-plate flow conditioning elements and installation is very simple with minimal pipe intrusions.


The measurement of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine and multi component gas.
The measurement of blast furnace gas and coke oven gas.
The measurement of flue gas.
The measurement of aeration and chlorine in the treatment of biogas and water.
Compressed air measurement.
Natural gas, liquefied gas, torch gas, and other gas flow measurement
First wind and two air flow measurements in the blast furnace of a power plant
Flow measurement of ventilation or exhaust system under mine
The measurement of air flow in gas process
Flue gas discharge (speed) measurement (CEMS)
Measurement of flue gas flow - calciner
Measurement of gas flow in the production process of cement, cigarette and glass factory
Measurement of gas flow in solvent recovery system
Measurement of gas flow in the fabrication of semiconductor chips
Measurement of the flow of carbon dioxide gas in the process of beer production
The measurement of gas flow (speed) in heating ventilation and air conditioning system
Measurement of combustion gas flow in coal-fired boilers
Real-time detection of flow rate (speed) in ventilation or exhaust system under mine


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